Requirements gathering and analysis

We focus primarily on the success of our clients. Therefore, when choosing Wise Engineering, you can be sure that both the technical and the business sides of your project will be taken into consideration. At this early stage, we will carefully study your needs and methodically analyze the functional and system requirements of the business process, the user requirements, and the operational requirements. This will give us visibility in terms of the scope and will help us define project objectives, milestones, and deliverables.

Scope definition

Once the list of requirements is completed and reviewed, we will be ready to define and document the project scope. To do this, we will estimate the level of expertise, define and refine the objectives, and develop a course of action necessary to accomplish those objectives. Afterward, we will provide you with project’s scope, time and cost baselines. An initial project contract draft will be sent for review.


Once the contract is signed, we will start planning project activities, develop a detailed project schedule, and allocate the necessary resources for successful project completion. Also, risk analysis will be conducted to identify potential threats to the project and plan responses to them. The result of our efforts will be a designed Project Plan document, which will help us guide the project’s execution.

Project execution and delivery

During this stage, our team gets down to work and builds deliverables in accordance with the agreed-upon requirements. We will share project status updates during weekly meetings and provide you with status reports The development process itself will be divided into iterations to help us achieve and share results faster, as well as control changes better You, as the client, will be engaged in the development process and we will keep you posted on the project progress throughout the entire lifecycle. Transparency and trust are crucial for successful project completion. We use collaboration tools (Jira, Trello, Slack) to manage our projects, while a variety of other tools facilitate our communications. Most of our clients actively communicate not only with the project manager but also with the dev team. We believe this approach helps us eliminate roadblocks and move faster.

Maintenance and support

We strive for excellence and we work hard to deliver bug-free code. However, as often happens, even in the best-working software, some minor problems can be detected after product release. Your satisfaction with the quality of our work is important to us and we guarantee that we will investigate and fix all reported bugs for 30 days after the project’s delivery. If you would like to extend the period for project support and maintenance, just let us know; we have flexible options for the SLA for technical support. It often happens that some ideas about the project come up during its development and testing and after the receipt of feedback from users. We can easily modify the product and implement new features at all stages of the product lifecycle.