are professionals in e-commerce scaling

We help organizations innovate their business processes and rethink the way they manage their business so they can remain competitive in this new digital age


"W.E." is not just a service company, but also a developer of own products. That is one of the essential reasons that help us to stay on the same page with our clients. Are you a fast-growing e-commerce company? Or a startup with MVP in mind? We can be helpful by analyzing your needs, market niche, and plan your tech to match growth expectations.

Here is the a small part of the questions in which you can get immediate answers from us:

  • When to start thinking about autoscaling?
  • On site search and revenue growth potential
  • PCI compliance
  • SLAs for your customers
  • Payments integrations and automation
  • Infrastructure monitoring and building teams to own your infrastructure
  • Refactoring your current codebase to match new reality
  • Mobile strategy\Mobile web
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