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Our areas of expertise


Build your business reliable, secure and with the highest quality using DevOps approach. WE can make your infrastructure more efficient by building, deploying, testing and monitoring it using DevOps best practices.


Let your business be accessible on the go. WE will design, develop and maintain your iOS or Android applications according to the needs.

For StartUp

Confide your business idea to the team of professionals. WE will take care, building the product from scratch to its full implementation.

High Load Systems

Does your business require creating high load systems? WE do cope with them! Building and managing the new systems or optimizing the existing ones won’t be a problem.


Let your business grow without any interruptions. We can build and scale container driven cloud infrastructure for your business needs.

Technologies we’re passionate about
Our projects

Marketplace for Teachers

Sharing and selling educational recourses has never been so easy with the help of the Marketplace. WE has implemented a highly scalable system, both backend and frontend, migrated from the hardware servers to the cloud ones.

The Marketplace is now dealing with:

  • 8K requests per second
  • 2.4M available resources
  • 1M active members

Public Transport Management Solution

The Solution is designed for efficiency and reliability to overcome public transit operational difficulties. Tracking public vehicle route, knowing what’s happening on the road, thus making transportation more reliable for passengers are key challenges.

WE has resolved them by:

  • modification of existing solution according to the business needs
  • reducing the transport report generation time from 8 hours to 5 sec
  • creating an online public transport monitoring app for both iOS and Android

Job Search Service

The Service where recruiters and candidates meet, offering the most targeted opportunities, is what WE has been working on. The key challenge of matching the right employee with the right company has been overcoming by the smart algorithms designed.

The Service is now dealing with:

  • sending 8M emails daily
  • processing 23M of resumes
  • handling 1500+ requests per sec
Our Team
WE like everything about technologies and WE are passionate about what we do.
WE are proud of atmosphere of personal growth and mutual support we have built.
Wise Engineering is a company where every team member contributes to success.
Our main focus is to involve most skilled engineers to the complex high-load and long-term projects.
Wise guys core values

Suggest client best

Listen first

Follow our process for better result

Develop personal values

Risk and get more

Empower teams to make decisions for their best

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