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Installing Elasticsearch is one thing its long-term maintaining is another. The difficult part starts when you configure extra features like autocomplete, add search personalization, and improve site search performance in the long run.
Our expertise in Elasticsearch consulting and development allows us to help businesses like yours use the true powers of Elasticsearch.
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Why site search is a wise investment


Improves customer experience

76% of users think that the key UX factor on a website is how easy one can find the necessary information.



Increases conversions

43% of site visitors go directly to a search box. They are 2-3 times more likely to convert than those who come just to look around.



Helps to sell more

E-commerce store visitors who performed an internal search tend to spend more than regular users.


End-to-end Elasticsearch integration

Optimal Elasticsearch cluster will be different for every project, depending on data type & its structure, operations, as well as your business goals. Let's discuss what outcomes you're trying to reach with the internal site search and plan our collaboration accordingly.
The Wise team will design a model that scales with your data and workload, works smoothly, and keeps your clusters green. We can help setting up Elasticsearch from scratch or migrate your data to Elasticsearch from your existing search approach.

Elasticsearch search integration

Elasticsearch autocomplete

With the autocomplete feature, you can guide users to the answers or specific products, as well as show them real-time results as they type.

iphoElasticsearch autocomplete

iphone 12

iphone 12 pro

iphone case

case for apple iphone

Faceted search

Implemented faceted search helps users refine the search results by multiple additional parameters and filters like brand, size, color, price, and more.

Teslafaceted search

 Model S   Model S

Model 3   Model 3

Model X   Model X

progress line
max. 60 000$

Fuzzy search

The fuzzy search helps to identify similar queries across thousands of documents on an existing index. So that typos, plurals, and cases won't deliver zero search results.

shoes to runfuzzy search

shoes for running

shoes for fast run

runner’s shoes

running shoes

Location-based search

The location-based search will help deliver results relevant to each specific region and provide personalized offers to people in different locations.

white kitchen chairlocation-based search

Samirah Upholsteres Dining Chair
location Regent Street Store

Ayden Upholsteres Dining Chair
location Oxford Street Store

Sound-like & synonym search

To increase the recall of the search system, we can map words with similar sounds using a phonetic analyzer, as well as create a separate thesaurus for your internal search.

White Air Jordans size 45synonym search

Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Air Jordan MAX 200


Internal search personalization

Deliver personally relevant search results to every user persona with custom ranking and give your site visitors information they need even if they're not asking it directly.

footwearsearch icon
Elasticsearch search personalization
Elasticsearch search personalization

Rules-based ranking

Our team can set up rules that drive search personalization based on specific parameters. Define audience segments based on any type of profile data available, and we'll use it to personalize the search experience for each segment. We can use demographics, devices, browsers, or any other data to tailor experiences automatically.

Behavior-based ranking

To achieve advanced personalization, we can assist you with configuring a site search that is constantly learning from your customer user experience on your website. Based on the previous experience and activity, search terms users' used, you can merchandise search results that would drive the highest conversion rates.

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To make the overall user experience more engaging and lengthen the time users spend on your site, we can help you configure automated search assistance. For specific user profiles, you'll be able to recommend content based on what's trending, what other similar user personas are viewing or interacting with actively.

Elasticsearch support & optimization

Once you have your Elasticsearch running, you’ll eventually want to adjust your system for growth, change sharding settings, or increase the search speed. Whatever the reason behind optimization, with the right tech expertise, Elasticsearch is flexible for all of these tasks. We can help you get better Elasticsearch performance for specific search purposes and save costs on resources your Elasticsearch infrastructure uses.

Infrastructure setup & performance tuning

Elasticsearch search optimization
We'll start with the analysis of tech resources you use to run your clusters in terms of computing, memory, storage, and network. Then, we move to optimization of the cluster configuration and index configuration to improve the latency of queries.
Our further steps will depend on the goals you aim to achieve with the Elasticsearch optimization, as well as what hardware sources you're running it on.

Elasticsearch monitoring

Elasticsearch search monitoring
The monitoring of the internal behavior of Elasticsearch will help us discover the cost-saving opportunities available. The key metrics to track:
  • Search query performance
  • Indexing performance
  • Node & cluster health
  • Heap utilization
We'll also monitor Elasticseacrh for search load picks and set up autoscaling in periods of high loads.

Upgrading Elasticsearch

Upgrading elasticsearch
It is important to aim for the latest Elasticsearch solutions as apart from the new features released, the latest versions usually include a significant performance boost. Because each of the products in your Elastic Stack should be upgraded separately and the upgrading process should be invisible to your users, this process usually gets tricky.
We have experience in upgrading Elasticsearch to different versions. Depending on your current Elasticsearch cluster, we will offer you an optimal upgrading scenario to the desired version you can upgrade to with minimum risks.

e approach site search integration

Diving deeply into your business specifics, we'll apply proven methods for relevant Elasticsearch search performance and ensure the relevance of the search results.



We will investigate your internal search use case, business requirements, and KPIs you would like to put forward. We can discuss details over the call with your technical team and stakeholders.

Technical audit

audit back lineaudit back line

Query audit to define the most popular queries, search relevance threshold, mapping verification, data on specific queries.

Hardware compatibility analysis for computing, memory, storage, network utilization to identify issues influencing performance.

Traffic analysis to define search queries quantitative characteristics and Elasticsearch use within different time periods.


Depending on the findings from the Discovery and Technical audit steps we'll provide you with the Elasticsearch capacity planning and integration/optimization strategy. We'll create a roadmap for the project and create a prioritized backlog with further improvements.


The Wise team can work with any type of data: unstructured, structured, geodata, numbers, or text. We'll ensure efficient ingestion, enrichment, normalization, and indexing of your content. Our services include architecture design, implementation, optimization, scaling, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting.

A/B testing

With search analytics, you'll be able to evaluate and detect the winning search experiences. You'll learn from your site search data, make data-driven decisions, and adjust your business processes accordingly.

Long-term support

When the core work on Elasticsearch integration or optimization is done, we are happy to continue our collaboration and make sure your site search is up and running as your business continues to scale.

consulting services

Elasticsearch services

With experience in Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, we can develop a search strategy that will help you maximize ROI and make internal search one of the key revenue drivers for your business.

Our team provides Elastic consulting services that include consultation for Elasticsearch configuration, performance tuning, query optimization, and other aspects that impact your unique search and analytics needs.

FAQs on Elasticsearch

Why us

We add predictive, fast, and dynamic site search for companies located worldwide. Our team will make sure your search is smart enough to deliver what your users are really looking for on your website or online store.

e have the Elastic expertise

Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine, however, it still needs engineering directions for best performance. We have 10+ years of experience in implementing Elasticsearch for various tasks. We help our clients follow best practices for Elasticsearch configuration, optimization, and effectiveness.

e work on complex projects

One of our projects had the challenge to process and import 20M documents a day. To address it, we set up a database cluster that held over 15TB of data on 21 nodes and was split across to 800 shards. This helped the client to achieve >5K full-text search requests per second.

e align tech and business goals

While we deal with the tech aspects to get your cluster fast and accurate, we always keep your company's objectives and key performance indicators in mind. The Wise team provides consulting, coaching, and implementation services to help you maximize return on investment and scale your business wisely.

e encourage open communication

It is never a project-manager-to-client dialogue but rather a team-to-client continuous conversation. You can contact anyone from the Wise team directly. We implement a dynamic methodology to communication processes. For us, it is a key to a successful collaboration.

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