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We help product teams understand their point of departure, define their ambitions, prioritize product realization, and design a clear roadmap to market launch.

Working across multiple industries, we keep our focus on business efficiency, and optimizations that allow companies to operate faster. Check out the custom software we delivered for our global customers, and let us know how our team can benefit your business.

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One-link business platform for experts

One-link business platform
for experts

How we helped the Noodle team to launch a new product for solopreneurs and shipped an all-in-one business platform within tight deadlines.

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Media & Entertainment
Developing custom online marketplace

Auctions & events marketplace

Repurposing legacy code to match new business requirements and developing a marketplace that allows customers to take part in the auctions and buy tickets for events at a fixed price.

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Android and iOS apps for client management

Native apps for client management

Creating Android and iOS applications that evolved in parallel with the web app version, modernizing the project tech stack, and helping the team introduce test-driven development.

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Dedicated app development team

App for continuous feedback

How the Wise team restructured the app database, handled DevOps and Infrastructure configurations, automated payment processing, helped the client improve user growth, engagement, and retention.

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Metal Fabrication & Retail
Custom software for order management

Order management system

Building in-house custom order management software for a drainage systems manufacturer to speed up purchase processing and help different departments access information on orders instantly.

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Media & Entertainment
Custom online auction software

Online auction software

Preparing the platform for high traffic events, building a new admin panel, improving site search, launching an in-house app for offline events, and optimizing the overall project infrastructure period.

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Fitness & Wellness
Custom software for order management

All-in-one platform for fitness chain

MVP engineering and product development for the startup project allowing fitness instructors to sell different product types at custom prices and organize both online and offline events.

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Audio Media
Enhancing the podcast recommendations & crowdfunding platform

Podcast recommendations platform

How the Wise team offered the PodNods platform a more intuitive UI, implemented it within the shorter time-frames than it was initially planned, and helped to meet the strict deadlines the team faced.

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Blue Collar Lists

Commercial Construction
Cross-platform mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile app

Broadening the existing iOS app’s functionality to reinforce product value proposition, launching the app for Android, and creating a landing page for further marketing promotion.

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