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We may help you to test the viability of your business idea. From conception to prototyping, development, and launch, we will support you with our know-how at every step of this way to success.

Within the past years, we did MVP development for our clients and our products. Wise team has a full understanding of all aspects of developing MVP for startups: cost restraints, timing, and implementing only what is really needed at the very beginning. We provide a full cycle: consulting, business analysis, design, and implementation. Our experienced PMs and engineers are competent not to just comply with your needs but deliver a pitch-ready MVP that works, with whole needed tools and infrastructure in place: monitoring, analytics, development processes in place.


"A Minimum Viable Product is a version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learnings about customers with the least efforts".
Eric Ries, Lean startup

Besides this generic description MVP means different things for different projects and depends on the goal of the development: pitch concept for potential investors, get users’ feedback on early stages, validate ideas by users, or something else.

Depending on the project type and goals of MVP development we define base concepts and appropriate development approach.


The MVP term excellently answers this question. You develop something small to check your idea, considerably save cost on developing big and possibly unnecessary things that no one is really using. Developing MVP allows you to mainly focus on the core value proposition. For example, if your idea is to bring AR to something in e-commerce you focus on it first. If it gains transaction - you will build an e-commerce platform, and everything else later on.

It is also not an uncommon situation in startups when you change the whole business idea after the initial MVP release. In some cases customers' reaction to MVP brings you even brighter ideas! By getting users' feedback early and better understanding your customers' needs and problems you solve for them - doing this is what helps you gain knowledge about how real customers see your product.


validation and research

At this stage, we conduct market and competitive research: analyzing market characteristics, determining the target audience and exploring where your customers are, what they do and what problems they have. Competitive research is a crucial thing before moving forward. Don't be afraid of competition. It is actually great. It means there is money to be made. But it is highly important to know answers on these questions: What distinguishes your idea from others? How is it better than competitors?

define your mvp

We create a list of features which is needed for your MVP and what can be added after the launching/validation. Questions to this are: Which feature solves your customer problem? What feature defines your product from others? What is a competitive advantage over competitors on the market?


We define a high priority feature set and develop them, with minimal effort. All additional features and niceties we suggest to leave out for the next iterations of development.

Launching the product

Launching the product could be very different: from just opening your landing page to the world to starting a roadshow to meet VCs. From launching a marketing campaign to get first adopters to scaling products fast because of rapid growth. Whatever it is – the most important output of MVP launch is customers’ feedback.


Expertise in MVP developmentExpertise in MVP development

Developing MVP is a complex task, often requiring different people with different skill sets: engineers, designers, analytics, infrastructure engineers, and many more. Hiring all these people at the very beginning might not be a good idea. Even if your startup founder is a technical person, he/she is still only one person, and doing it all alone will cost you time and money.


Starting a new business never was cheap. Financial constraint is what stops many people from trying. Outsourcing MVP development is a way to hire an entire team instead of one in-house developer.

Fast turnaroundFast turnaround

Having a team of experts in each specialty means you move faster. It's more efficient when people are available inside a partner company and can be added quickly for consultation or temporary engagement if needed, things move fast!

Focus on the businessFocus on the business

When working with a dedicated team you can focus on growing your business and not worry about hiring and integrating people.

Long term partnershipLong term partnership

At the MVP development stage you are not just testing your ideas against the market, but also trying to work with developers outside. if you are happy working with the team you will have long relationships with us which will be beneficial for both sides: you will have a reliable technical partner and our team will be challenged with your business growth.

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