We have been a long way in the making

The Founding of we

The year when the ambitious dreams of the young team began to turn into reality. Our start was just like many other companies at that time. We did web development.

time line slide The Founding of we

WE self-identification

We found our niche and specialization: big and complex high-load projects.

time line slide WE self-identification

Immersion in development

Our recently opened mobile app development team has begun work on the first apps for Android and iOS platforms.

time line slide Immersion in development

The grand opening of our first WE home

We have opened the door to our new office! Entire flow. The team is growing rapidly. We started working on our first own products!

time line slide The grand opening of our first WE home

Well begun is half done.

Our team has doubled! "W.E" grew from 10 to 20 people.

time line slide Well begun is half done.

Practice makes perfect

We are developing our first entirely own product!

time line slide Practice makes perfect

Strategy for every opportunity/the era of marketing optimization

Our Business Development team started genially working on our strategic plan (with a focus on market needs).

time line slide Strategy for every opportunity/the era of marketing optimization

Road is made by walking

Join our brilliant team for creating great things together!

time line slide Road is made by walking
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Grow and help grow

Every day WE solving complex problems by using the most innovative approaches. We believe that the key to our success is based on three pillars: a thirst for developing, seeking knowledge and open-mindedness. We believe that possession of the listed abilities is a great opportunity to engage in self-development right at the workplace!

Enjoy the journey

If life is a journey, we choose the best direction for it! Constant company growth and involvement in exciting international projects are the best indicators of that. We have managed to create the ideal climate in the team, which helps to spend our working time in a place where you can feel like at-home.

Own what you do

We encourage the initiative to achieve impressive results. This proactive policy of leadership gives each member of our team a sense of ownership. We have a strong corporate culture where everyone can be proud of the company's success as their own.