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Wise Engineering was built on a desire to approach tech product creation with more efficiency. Since 2006, we've created a tight-knit community of multi-disciplined product creators. Let us tell you our story and share a bit of our culture, so that you could get to know the people behind Wise Engineering better.
Product development team at WIse

Our story

Wise Engineering focuses on product development both of in-house projects and co-created with our partners. We love to transform businesses with technology and see its potential realized to the fullest. Headquartered in Ukraine, we love to see how our business is expanding globally over years.

Our Values

Our values frame who we are. We strive to live them every day. They drive us and impact every decision we make at Wise Engineering. We've put lots of thought into defining things we aspire to and qualities that unite us. Our values were defined through sessions of team workshops. That's why they truly reflect what we worship the most and are now the bedrock of our culture.
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We own what we do

Ownership is the core quality all Wisers share. It's about everyone stepping up and contributing when needed. Whether we develop our next in-house project, co-create with partners, or launch a new charity initiative. We speak when we have something to say and drive change. We act as owners – in a team, company, and life outside the office space.

We aspire growth

At Wise Engineering, we constantly challenge ourselves and strive to be a great place for everyone to grow and be recognized for that growth. We never feel content with our knowledge and have clear frameworks for engineers to expand their impact and grow in their careers. We take the growth of products we build personally and care about the results we achieve.

We enjoy our journey

Enjoy what you do is the basis of Wise philosophy. We are passionate about everything we build and really love the people around us. Wise brings together personalities with different backgrounds and multiple interests, yet united by common principles that drive them. The atmosphere at Wise helps us do a better job each day and deliver the best ideas.
Wise Engineering CEO Max Drogobytskyi
Wise Engineering CEO Max Drogobytskyi

What makes a values-driven business?

We've talked about Wise corporate culture with our CEO Max Drogobytskyi
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Our culture

We believe in the power of culture because we see how it keeps our team integrated and strong despite all the modern challenges. We are glad to observe how new teammates add to our corporate culture and are proud of the things that remain unchanged for us over the years.
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