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We help businesses to grow by building scalable cloud infrastructure and most importantly – optimize costs, allowing to spend less time and money.

We have extensive experience in migrating different projects into the AWS cloud. From startups started by the hacky way to big infrastructures with hundreds of servers and complex software architecture.

Our company not just offers services to "lift and shift" your infrastructure from existing ISP to AWS, but we can do much more about it to increase your reliability and decrease operations burden.

Our scope is not limited to AWS services and open-source tools, it also includes years of experience working with a lot of different clients who provide different infrastructure services (support, monitoring/alerting, scaling, rolling deployments, etc)

Google Cloud
Google Cloud

We start from planning the scope and phases of migration first and agree on the approaches on a high level

Dive deep with your team to figure out all the details and get a greater understanding of your current infrastructure state

Estimate work and execution plan, including test migration on beta/ staging environments, migration rehearsals, and rolls back plans

We do migration itself, involving your team to make sure they have a full understanding of new infrastructure

Provide documentation about new infrastructure and train your engineer to support it

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