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With 15+ years in custom software development, we understand the challenges both shiny startups and mature enterprises face. We deal with projects of any complexity and always rely on our knowledge to solve daunting tasks. Focusing on the business outcomes you expect, we work to deliver winning solutions for you.

Custom software development company

PoC development

Let's refine your ideas and help you avoid the risk of investment in unproven concepts. Our experts will help you with the proof of concept development and create prototypes to test in-house. We can assist you with post-PoC analysis, further project roadmap, and technology choices.

User research analysisClickable prototypeTech documentation

MVP development

Shipping own products we understand the product launch specifics and are ready to accelerate growth for your startup business. We are there to assemble the right set of features for the investor pitch or focus group testing. We'll help to select the best-fit technology stack that will allow further scaling.

WireframingProject timelineTechnology stack

Product development

We cover the full cycle of application development, including technology and business consulting, solution architecture, design, engineering, and market launch. We apply a data-driven approach to custom software development and rely on analytics to plan further actions.

Realistic timelineSoftware development lifecycleScalable architectureData security

E-commerce development

We ship complex B2B, B2C, and B2B2C web applications to meet the high expectations of your customers. Marketplaces and auction platforms are the most common custom solutions for E-commerce we create. Some of the key features we implement:

Bidding functionalityProduct search & filtersSeller ratingsLoyalty programsDigital payments

App scaling

As more users start to interact with your web app, to maintain its high performance, we'll scale the system infrastructure and optimize the resources you use. We can assist you with:

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA)Vertical scalingMonolith to microservices migrationCollecting metrics to create autoscaling rulesDown-scaling

Mobile development

Following your product guidelines, we can develop native or cross-platform mobile applications and help you release them to App Store or Google Play quickly. We build mobile apps with specific custom functionality, provide UI/UX design services, and can also enhance your existing app functionality.

Android appsiOS appsHybrid apps

EdTech Solutions

With 10+ years in the industry, we understand the specifics of the EdTech sphere, clients' demands, and challenges educational businesses face. The Wise Engineering team can help you launch new products, as well as improve the user experience and optimize the performance of the existing platform.

Interactive activities & assessmentsSynchronous collaboration featuresAnalytics & automated rating

High load systems

For E-commerce businesses, the ability to scale during high-traffic events is vital. We'll help you build a robust system that can process data loads of various sizes.

Infrastructure optimizationMigration to microservicesServerless architectureHorizontal / vertical scalingSecurity improvements

Migration to cloud

Our experts will help you build an agile and scalable ecosystem on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or DigitalOcean.

Infrastructure as codeHighly available, scalable, file-tolerant systemsBudgeting & cost optimizationContinuous integration and continuous deliverySecret and sensitive data protection

Elasticsearch integration

Let us help you use the true powers of Elasticsearch technology. You can significantly improve the overall user experience with the integrated faceted search, typo tolerance feature, location-based and synonym search, and more. We set up search functionality from scratch, migrate your data to Elasticsearch, upgrade or optimize your existing search approach.

Information retrieval

To get more control over the site search results, convert more customers, and help them find the information they need, we can help you add dynamic, predictive, and intuitive search functionality to your website or online store. Our competence covers custom site search, personalized search, recommended content, and integration of the autocomplete feature.

Payment gateway integration

We know the specifics of digital payments and can help you enable them directly on your website or web application.

Multi-currency conversionsTaxing (GST estimates and invoices)Split and recurring paymentsPayouts feature for marketplaces
Technical expertise in multiple domains
Efficient resources utilization
Ownership mindset & high team involvement
Reduced development cost
Faster product time-to-market
Data-driven development
Clear deliverables & visible progress

Wise Expertise in Numbers

60%of Senior engineers have 10+ years of experience
70%of Wise technical teams work together 5+ years
80%of our clients choose us on recommendation
90%of engineers have a degree in Computer Science/IT/Math

Partnership Models

At Wise Engineering, we aim at long-term partnership and are open to any collaboration model that fits your project scope. We can also switch between the models dynamically.

Staff augmentation

Empower your current in-house technical team with the necessary Wise expert.
Never stop the development process because specific knowledge is needed, and you can't find the right person immediately. Or when you just need a pair of extra hands to move faster, our specialists get you covered.

Dedicated team

Upon the project scope and desired functionality, we can assemble a dedicated development team for you.
The Wise Engineering team will work iteratively on your product, following the development roadmap and the defined due dates. You will collaborate with competent specialists who have a high level of involvement.


For projects with fixed scopes, we can work on the pre-defined timeframes and budget.
The team can include a project manager, technical experts, and designers. You can also provide high-level requirements, and we'll develop a detailed roadmap and refine it together with the key stakeholders.
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Staff augmentation
Dedicated team
Custom software development servicesCustom software development servicesCustom software development services
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