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With 17 years in custom software development, we understand the challenges both shiny startups and mature enterprises face. We deal with projects of any complexity and always rely on our knowledge to solve daunting tasks. Focusing on the business outcomes you expect, we work to deliver winning solutions for you.
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Validate your ideas

Shipping own products we understand the product launch specifics and are ready to accelerate growth for your startup business. We are there to assemble the right set of features for the investor pitch or focus group testing. We'll help to select the best-fit technology stack that will allow further scaling.

PoC development

Let's refine your ideas and help you avoid the risk of investment in unproven concepts. We help with the proof of concept development and create prototypes to test in-house. We can assist you with post-PoC analysis, further project roadmap, and technology choices.

MVP development

We help ideate & evaluate your vision to design, build, and launch of your web or mobile product from scratch, up to market fit and traction. Our team executes lean and accelerated MVP development plans for entrepreneurs and startup companies.

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Product development

We cover the full cycle of application development, including technology and business consulting, solution architecture, design, engineering, and market launch. We apply a data-driven approach to custom software development and rely on analytics to plan further actions.


Scale your business

We have the right services to support your business, working to scale development teams and solve product design, architecture, and marketing bottlenecks. As more users start to interact with your product, to maintain its high performance, we'll flexibly scale the resources you use and make sure you use them efficiently.

E-commerce development

We ship complex B2B, B2C, and B2B2C web applications and have deep expertise in marketplaces and auction platform development. The key features we implement include bidding functionality, product search & filters, seller ratings, loyalty programs, digital payments

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Following your product guidelines, we can develop native or cross-platform mobile applications and help you release them to App Store or Google Play quickly. We build mobile apps with specific custom functionality, provide UI/UX design services, and can also enhance your existing app.

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App scaling

To maintain the app's high performance as the number of users grows, we scale the system infrastructure and optimize its resources. We help with horizontal pod autoscaling, vertical scaling, monolith to microservices migration, collecting metrics to create autoscaling rules, and automated down-scaling.

EdTech solutions

With 10+ years in the industry, we understand the specifics of the EdTech sphere, clients' demands, and challenges educational businesses face. We can help you launch new products, as well as improve the user experience and optimize the performance of the existing platform.


Solve complex tasks

Our engineering focus is always kept on complex, non-trivial technical tasks, and it helped us to accumulate domain expertise in multiple areas. Including internal search, payments systems, high-load systems, migration to the cloud, and more. Our team today accumulates all the domain expertise we've gained over the years.

Migration to

Applying Infrastructure as code approach, we help build highly available, scalable, file-tolerant systems, ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery, deal with budgeting and cost optimization, as well as secret and sensitive data protection.

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Improve the overall UX with the integrated faceted search, typo tolerance feature, location-based and synonym search, and more. We set up search functionality from scratch, migrate your data to Elasticsearch, and upgrade or optimize your existing search engine.

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High load

We build robust systems that can process data loads of various sizes and scale during high-traffic events. We'll help with infrastructure optimization, migration to microservices, serverless architecture, horizontal/vertical scaling, and security improvements.

Payment systems integration

We know the specifics of digital payments and can help you enable them directly on your website or web application. We cover multi-currency conversions, taxing (GST estimates and invoices), split and recurring payments, payouts feature for marketplaces and more.

e bring

Technical expertise in multiple domains

Technical expertise in multiple domains

Efficient resources utilization

Efficient resources utilization

Ownership mindset & high team involvement

Ownership mindset & high team involvement

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Faster product time-to-market

Data-driven development

Data-driven development

Clear deliverables & visible progress

Clear deliverables & visible progress

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Engagement models

At Wise Engineering, we aim for long-term partnerships and are open to any collaboration framework that you find convenient. Regardless of the model chosen, our focus is always on your business goals. We can also switch between the models dynamically.

Staff augmentation

You can scale your existing engineering team capacity with the necessary experts from our side. This can be a single developer or several IT specialists that will integrate into your in-house team. We'll make sure they fit you both technically and culturally.

Dedicated team

We build dedicated engineering teams that possess the optimal skill set and competencies needed to achieve your business goal. They can overtake the entire project and work as a stand-alone team or focus on its part and collaborate with other teams.


Best suited when there is a high-level product vision or solution idea that you need to bring to life within a specific timeframe and, usually, resources. We get the big picture quickly, provide a roadmap for the implementation, and work within the defined costs and timing.
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