Announcing partnership with Potluck Tech

14 Jun 20232 min read

Last week, founders Sha-Mayn Teh and Yu Chen introduced their new company – Potluck Tech. Sha-Mayn and Yu are product and engineering leaders from Google who are combining their experience to help companies succeed. Wise Engineering is excited to be the company’s development partner.

In this post, we’d like to tell you a bit more about what brought the two teams together.

Years of collaboration and shared values

This partnership builds on the productive collaboration with one of Potluck Tech’s founders. We had a chance to work together at the EdTech startup Teachers Pay Teachers. We scaled the platform to millions of users, planned and executed a cloud migration strategy, and partnered on search and recommendations across thousands of products. It was a time our team recalls with the warmest memories.

Our partnership with Potluck Tech is also based on shared values and mindset. For us, as a values-driven company, this aspect is one of the most important. Here are the main things that resonate with both our teams.

  • Teamwork and ownership

Sha-Mayn and Yu organize their approach around the ethos of potluck and say – "We believe everyone brings something to the table." At Wise, we put an ownership mindset at the core of the team's success. When everyone has ownership, we build great things together.

  • High engineering standards

Because we’ve worked together on a number of complex tech issues, we know the engineering standards that both our teams strive for. At Wise, we have extensive experience across multiple tech domains but never feel content with our knowledge and have clear frameworks for engineers to expand their expertise and grow.

Looking forward to new meaningful projects

We are excited to start our partnership with Potluck Tech and are committed to a very productive collaboration. Our team is thankful to Sha-Mayn and Yu for trusting us with this opportunity. We are sure that our expertise in product development and software engineering will help multiple great projects launch and succeed in their markets.

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