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Blue Collar Lists is a cross-platform mobile app that allows contractors to rate homeowners around the US. It offers customer data on 140 M+ properties, information on homes in the area as well as reviews from contractors on their clients, helping them to connect with potential customers and keep important info about current and prospective jobs all in one place.

Industry: B2B Marketplace
Location: United States
Mobile Development
Web Development


The client had a basic version of the app at the MVP stage in AppStore and Google Play Market. Our company was chosen to explore and implement ideas for its new functionality, improve existing product features, and fix bugs before starting an active marketing campaign and acquiring users. Besides the app MVP, our team was entrusted to be in charge of the landing page and the entire project infrastructure.

  • Implementation of mobile native features using React Native

    React Native is a good technology for the fast development of cross-platform mobile applications. However, when it comes to native features like notifications and payments development it becomes more complicated. Because of the differences in user flow specifics and implementation approaches that are being used for iOS and Android apps, React Native libraries can cause many pitfalls on both platforms.

    For the project, we utilized React Native libraries that enabled the usage of native modules, which are required for push-notifications and in-app purchases. To ensure seamless usage of libraries and maintain consistency and efficiency of the iOS and Android app versions, we conducted profound research and testing on how in-app notifications and payments work before using any libraries for RN.

  • Deployment with Expo Over The Air Updates

    By using Expo OTA updates, we made it possible to frequently update the iOS version of the application with improvements and new features, without submitting it for review in the App Store.

    But this technology could be challenging if you want to support a lot of previous app releases. To use this feature effectively, we conducted proper setup and supported all the previous builds that were submitted to the AppStore; supported all versions of all application environments.

    During the work on the project we also needed to:
    1. Work with different Firebase accounts for different environments especially from the mobile side.
    2. Make sure your API changes, which should reflect Expo Over The Air Updates for specific app builds, don’t break any other app builds.
    3. Develop the same user flow for both platforms simultaneously. As the same code does not behave in the same manner on both platforms (notifications, sharing files, TBA).
    4. Keep a relatively new cross-platform technology (React Native) and its dependencies up to date in the long run.


From the start, our team made extensive technical research to determine effective methods for implementation, designed user flow, built prototypes, and finalized all the requirements. In the next stage, the following features were implemented:

Project Setup Form - to confirm project details with prospects

Contractors can send feedback forms to their prospective clients directly from the app and collect information on the project in one place (text, images, weblinks), add notes, files, and photos.

Data on the searched property

The 3rd party API service with the data on properties in the USA was integrated. As a result, users get access to data on properties all over the USA and can see the appraised value, last sold data, price, and many more.

Directions to searched property

With Google Maps API integrated, customers can check directions, see the distance to the property they are bidding on right from the app.

Push notifications

Notifications for the Android/iOS app were set up. It allows users to get a notification when they receive a Project Setup Form response from their prospect.

Dashboard with crucial app data

Our team found out the client’s objectives, and how the data planning to be used, coming up with the updated dashboard layout that showed data about app users and their activity in both apps: iOS and Android. So, the Client/Admin receives access to user data in a convenient format in one place.

App Analytics setup

With the Firebase connected to all environments and set up events, the client can collect data about users and how they interact with the app.

Landing page speed improvement

The landing page was built with WordPress and hosted on GoDaddy. The client requested to improve its speed because pages were loading very slow, especially on mobile devices. After migrating servers to AWS from GoDaddy by the Wise team, page speed was increased by 50% with PageSpeed score rating of 89%.

Blue Collar List

When the development phase was over, the dedicated testing and deployment were provided and the entire project infrastructure was built.


The team’s efforts resulted in the fully functional and rich in subtle Blue Collar List app with new advanced features implemented. The profound technical research and testing were made in advance, which helped to choose the most efficient way of implementation and ensure proper setup and further app performance according to the client's requirements.

Blue Collar List app was enhanced with: Project Setup Form, USA properties database, the possibility for users to check directions with Google Maps API and receive push-notification as well as an app analytics tool and dashboard. It helped the client to successfully attract new customers and build an excellent customer experience, get useful users’ data, and track their interactions more conveniently. With AWS migration, the landing page speed was increased.

our cliert Adam Rand

Adam Rand

President / Co-Founder Blue Collar Lists, LLC

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