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Developing complex order management system for water drainage systems manufacturer

About The Project

Metalpark is one of the largest manufacturers of water drainage systems in Ukraine. It has over 40 trade offices around the world and provides water drainage for private and sports buildings, pedestrian zones, parking lots, and factories.

Industry: Manufacturing/Construction
Location: Ukraine
Web Development
System & Architecture Design
Project Management
Business Analysis
Wireframing & Visual Design
Environment Setup, CI/CD setup


Wise Engineering was referred to Metalpark by our recent client to create a complex internal order management system. It had the goal to automate the process of designing and calculating products, creating a commercial offer, and enabling collaboration between departments in real-time. Moved to later phases, the client also decided to connect the system with its financial/accounting system.

The system had to be designed for such types of users:
  • Customers/sales representatives
  • Production departments: Design, Technological & Accounting
  • Company’s management

It had to provide customers and a sales representative the possibility to create an order with minimum effort and limited tech knowledge required. They needed to receive guidance when creating an order and the initial proposal should be automatically generated, based on the data users entered.

In the next stage, this order should go through Design and Technological departments, to be checked against technological specifications. Then, it had to be returned to the customer who created the order.

As a result, customers could place the order for production and manage progress at all stages, having the access to all the documentation about their orders.

  • We had to design a flexible system for creating orders and performing calculations for custom products, which were different in structure and complexity.
  • A dynamic form for creating orders had different attributes, nested components, types, and relationships to other attributes.
  • We needed to connect the orders statuses management system with users’ access permissions and roles. It should have control over each system user as well as include a detailed history of each user’s actions.


Initially, we started with collecting the main business, functional, and performance requirements, learning the current state of the processes for orders. To prepare the best concept of system design and architecture, our team conducted business analysis and profound technical research.

Based on the results, the concept of system and wireframes were created and discussed with the client.

After finalization of requirements, the key system features were developed:
  • creation of a new order for a client
  • monitoring and managing all orders in the system
  • order statuses management system
  • custom products calculations
  • custom reporting, order’s documents generation

To create a dynamic form we used React JS. It helped us to build complex forms with a vast number of interactive elements that had unique validation and relationship rules as well as a user-friendly interface. Additionally, React gave us the possibility to work effectively with products, which were different in structure.

To fully satisfy the customers’ needs, we decided to take an iterative approach to speed up delivery and give our client an ability to test deliverables between the iterations. After testing and acceptance of the initial phase of the product, we improved existing and added new features, based on the feedback from users and stakeholders.


A new complex order management system, developed by our team, fully automated Metalpark order processes and significantly increased collaboration between all production departments. It resulted in reducing the order processing time and allowed the client to keep all the order’s data, information, and reports in one place. After connecting the system with its financial & accounting systems, its employees got the possibility to keep track of the orders with minimum effort and better performance.

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