Why Us?

Experienced team of professionals

WE like everything about technologies and WE are passionate about what we do. For years of work, our team members have developed strong technical expertise within Mobile and Web development, Cloud technologies, DevOps practices. WE are mostly focusing on creating High-load systems with reach experience in this area. Continuous integration and continuous delivery with the quality check on every step of the way will assure that project deliverables meet your requirements and expectations. WE are proud of the atmosphere of personal growth and mutual support we have built. Here, at Wise Engineering, we actively promote and support personal and professional growth initiatives, and encourage to gain, share, use and reuse knowledge. From the very beginning we applied an Academic Approach in Wise Engineering. Most of our developers have an academic degree in Computer Science and we consider ourselves as a good engineers in a first place not just “coders”. Our desire is to work on the interesting and challenging projects and build long and mutually beneficial term partnership with the client.

Established project management processes

We believe that the success starts with the choosing right approach Depending on the size and complexity of the project, methodology to meet project goals within a time and on budget will be chosen. Usually, we use Kanban for the smaller and Scrum for the the medium and bigger projects. Iterative project approach will ensure flawless way toward project success. In the environment where technology evolve fast and requirements are subject to change, frequent review of project deliverables will give us possibility to implement your business idea.

Open and effective communication

Your Project Manager and key members of the dev team are accessible if any concerns arise. Developers, who will be working on your project speak English and available via email/skype and other means of communication. We’ll discuss the time for weekly/biweekly meeting to share with you updates on the project progress and discuss next steps.


Involvement in the web product delivery process gives clear understanding of workflow and project’s activities. Comprehensive project documentation and meetings with the development team will help to be on the same page from the beginning of the project to its delivery.

Business mindset

We engaged with every project and focus on delivering value for our clients. Both technical and business needs will be identified, analyzed and integrated in provided solution.

Satisfaction guarantee

We provide issue analysis and resolution, bug fixing, support via email/phone for ongoing projects. For the completed projects we also do offer Maintenance & support for defined duration.

Flexible cooperation models

Get the project done on time and within an agreed budget. Business process outsourcing allows your company to grow faster, concentrate on enhancing core competencies while we’ll be delivering projects with a defined and fixed scope. Let us provide you with the technical expertise so you can focus on core business functions, speed up business processes and reduce your expenses. We are responsible for project management and delivery, finding the right people to work on your project. To be able to react fast in changing business and technological conditions and satisfy your business needs, we are constantly working on improving our process, proficiency and adopting new technologies.


Get a dedicated team developer to enhance your in-house IT department or help your team during high-peak workload. We will find for you the qualified specialists and you interview, check the skill level of the candidates by yourself to make informed decision. During the project, you will be responsible for providing planned workload and coordinating team. Highly efficient for large and complex projects, where every team member is committed to developing a quality product.

Time and materials

Is your project concept hard to itemize in advance and prepare detailed estimates? Then time and material model is a reasonable choice. It also works well for initiatives where the main project idea is related to new technologies and you need a great flexibility during the process of development. A dedicated team of developers will be working on assigned tasks and you will be charged for time spent and materials used (mostly it is special hardware).

Product development services

We have extensive experience in developing new products, from idea generation to market entering, and improving existing ones. Will be delighted to help you avoid mistakes and delays throughout the entire Product Development Lifecycle. By making our own products, we’ve learned and established good practices of full-lifecycle product development processes and this allows us to provide you with the high level of technical expertise tailored to satisfy your business needs. Besides, we have years of experience in providing excellent product development services to other companies as an integrated part of the development team.